What We Do

The remit of African Women in Business (AWIB) is to create a platform that enables existing and potential business women inside and outside Africa to engage in productive economic activities to experience something innovative that always comes out of Africa. 

what-we-doThe intention is to create an enabling environment where African Diaspora entrepreneurs engage positively and productively with their indigenous counterparts in effective dialogue and economic prosperity. It is a forum where business ideas thrive and excellence is rewarded – profitably. It is the opportunity to showcase the finest of Africa – with her pride intact.

Under these objectives, AWIB seeks to:

-> Encourage intra-Africa trade

->Tap and contribute Diaspora talent and values to African businesses

->Improve access to national, regional and international business networks

-> Strengthen the capacity of national and regional businesswomen that support the emergence and growth of women-owned enterprises

-> Provide insight into challenges facing business women in Africa

-> Provide a platform for Diaspora returnee engagement

-> Promote the development of appropriate business structures and develop Business Incubators

-> Promote existing partnership channels between UK Diaspora African women and provide platforms for competitive productivity with their indigenous compatriots

-> Organize seminars and conferences, workshops and introduce mentorship programmes

-> Showcase and celebrate the finest of Africa’s women-led businesses



In implementing these activities, AWIB will collaborate in partnerships with existing networks and programs to identify opportunities for positive engagements with national and regional business associations in the UK and Africa, to leverage and build on their achievements. The desire is to encourage African women engage in pro-active business endeavours and connect them to appropriate business-matching systems.